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We believe that every order leaving our Studio will leave you enchanted by the ethereal beauty calligraphy provides. Whether you are looking for personalized details for a private event, luxurious custom stationery, or for an engaging brand activation in-store, we are here to provide you with a wonderful experience from the first correspondence to the last finishing flourish. 

At Plume & Flourish, we capture that magic through our specialty calligraphy, bespoke stationery, and hand engraving. We believe calligraphy has the power to elevate an event and ensure that each guest feels seen and appreciated. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we serve clients worldwide by working together to create the perfect design to help express your own unique style. 

There is magic to be found in words written by hand.

meet caroline

I believe that calligraphy is an art that can be enjoyed by everyone, and I am dedicated to providing resources that are accessible to anyone with a desire to learn. 


At Plume & Flourish, we provide not only personal handwritten details for special occasions, but we are likewise dedicated to being an accessible resource for those interested in learning more about calligraphy and the history of the calligraphic arts.

We provide engaging resources through our blog and online videos, and host a variety of online and in person workshops. We'd love to collaborate with likeminded brands and business. 

History comes to life when pen meets paper. By continuing the traditions of the scribes who have come before us, we continue the legacy of calligraphy.


Every detail is stunning and completed with great care and love.

BEAUTIFULLY designed and more gorgeous than ever expected!