On-Site Calligraphy (2 hour min.)
On-Site Engraving (2 hour min.)


$0.50 ea.
$1.50 ea.

Envelope Liner Application
Wax Seal Application
Stamp, Stuff, and Mail (postage not included)
Rush Fee (turnaround less than 48 hours)
Custom Ink Mixing*
*Flat rate for ink colors other than black, white, gold


*We do not engrave on pressurized glass bottles, such as champagne, due to the risk; however, we can add calligraphy to pressurized bottles.

$75 per bottle
$40 per item

Liquor / Wine Bottles*
Other Glass / Metal Surfaces



Watercolor Crest Design
Venue Illustration
Love Story Illustrations
Watercolor Pet Portraits
Digital Copy of Watercolor Commission



Full Invitation Card Calligraphy
Full Invitation Suite Calligraphy*
Menu Design
Vows, Prayers, Poems
*Contact us directly for an exact quote

calligraphY designs


Names of Couple
Headers, Words, Phrases (Up to 5 words)
Individual Spot Calligraphy Files

Spot CalligraphY

$2.50 ea.
$3.00 ea.
$3.50 ea.

Place Card (name only)
Escort Card (name and table no.)
Escort Envelope and Table No. Insert
Table Numbers / Name Cards
Other Signage

DaY of Materials

$5.75 ea.
$2.75 ea.
$8.00 ea.
$3.25 ea.
$3.75 ea.

Outer Envelope
Inner Envelope Only
Envelope Suite (inner and outer envelopes)
2-Line Return Address
3-Line RSVP Envelope

Envelope Addressing



These prices indicate our base rate; as each project is different, additional charges may be applied for difficult or unique writing surfaces, use of specialty or colored inks, or having multiple calligraphy styles.

The client is responsible for all shipping costs and providing all materials, unless previously discussed. The client is responsible for providing 15-20% extra materials for cases of bleeds, mistakes, or last-minute additions