My introduction to calligraphy must have been written in the stars. My background is in classic theatre, but I always had a love of history. That love eventually translated to my degree in Art History from New York University in 2018. While at school, I began working at the Whitney Museum of American Art in their Special Events department, and it was there I was introduced to calligraphy for the first time. I was completely enchanted. Discovering quickly that my favorite aspect of events was providing calligraphy for the Museum's exhibition openings, I decided to launch my own calligraphy studio in 2019 and have never looked back.

With my unique background and qualifications, I am able to utilize all my life experiences to be both an artist and event professional. When I am not practicing calligraphy, you are likely to find me cuddled up with my pet rabbits, Brandon, Emilia, and Oliver, watching a period drama or anime.



I believe that calligraphy is an art that can be enjoyed by everyone, and I am dedicated to providing educational resources that are accessible to anyone with a desire to learn.

I firmly believe that love is love and proudly serve the LGBTQ+ community. I believe that Black Lives Matter and am committed to practicing anti-racism in my daily life and in my business.